Compassionate & Loving Home Health Caregivers

Our Mission

At First Opportunity Home Health LLC, we guarantee to send only licensed, bonded, and trustworthy professional caregivers to the sanctity of your home. Our clients enjoy outings and activities organized by our staff, who understand that the dignity of our clients is paramount — something that we stress to every caregiver we train.

First Opportunity Home Health Care LLC serves older adults, the physically challenged, and others requiring in-home health care. Our mission is to extend and improve the lives of our clients by providing first-class home health care services.

About Our Founder

Kendra Outram, LPN

Founded in 2006, First Opportunity Home Health Care LLC is the fruition of Kendra Outram’s lifelong dream.

Born in Georgetown, Guyana, to working-class parents, Kendra is no stranger to hard work and perseverance. Her affinity for helping people began at age 8 when family friends built her a life-size dollhouse she could sit in. Kendra decided to share it with those without a home.

Kendra met an older woman who lived in a shelter. The compassionate young girl took the woman home to sit in her dollhouse. She bathed the woman in the backyard where Kendra often bathed herself. She borrowed clothes from her mother to give to the older woman, fed her, and broke open her piggy bank to give the woman some money. This selfless passion for taking care of elderly loved ones remains Kendra’s work today.

As she raised five children and pursued a nursing license, Kendra dreamed of helping older adults age in place at home. In 2006, Kendra and her children found themselves without a home. She then decided to make First Opportunity Home Health Care a reality and change home health care by imbuing her business model with love and compassion.

We recruit, hire, and train only the most trustworthy individuals, which we welcome into our family of caregivers. Clients are also extended members of our close-knit community in Garfield Heights and the entire Cuyahoga area in Northeast Ohio.

Office Manager

Sha’Honna Thrower

My name is Sha’Honna Thrower but most people call me Shay. I am the Mother of four beautifully blossoming little ladies. I was blessed to be born with many mothers. Four generations of mothers, and my babies were blessed to have met them all.

Being able to grow up with strong black women from different eras of life you learn so much wisdom. It wasn’t til I got older when I learned that love, laughter, and life is was the reason that they were able to live. My oldest granny(ma) passed during 2019 at the 100. Yes ma’am was born in 1919, she may not have always remember me but my girls who filled with love, laughter n life she never skipped a beat with them.

So why is first opportunity the best fit for me. I’ll tell you why I want to be more than just an employee I want to be a family. First opportunity is so full of life, love and its spread throughout the company. Ms. Outram is full of compassion and empathy for everyone and not afraid of learning from her employees. My granny use to say all’s we need is a little loving. First opportunity had sooo much love to give and I want to be apart of bringing life back into this world starting with those that’s been here for a little while longer than some. They look for life in us children to help them live

sales & marketing

Anaya Douglas

My name is Anaya Douglas, usually called Nya. I am just a young lady with a willingful spirit and an open path for the future. I’m the oldest sibling of 5 younger siblings so taking care of others and understanding others would be my strong suit. I believe everyone has a voice and needs an understanding.

I joined FOHH because the owner and i see eye-to-eye with taking care of those around us. It seems that in places like nursing homes, they lack in the area of care and understanding that FOHH has. This was the type of selfless and passion filled environment I was looking for. First opportunity is the best option in home healthcare and I am proud to be working with them.

Our Home Health Caregivers

Our home health caregivers are State Tested Nursing Assistants (STNAs) or Home Health Aides (HHAs) that meet our high standards of care. We strive to deliver best-in-class in-home care through meaningful interaction and communication with both the client and family members. Our humble helpmates lend a hand while encouraging your loved one to retain as much independence as possible.

Before your personal caregiver arrives, we have run an extensive background screening and verified their employment history. Because First Opportunity HHAs and STNAs often run errands, we also check their safe driving records and ensure they have no criminal history.

Our goal is to earn the trust of our elderly clients so that family members can go to work and live their lives knowing a loved one is safe and cared for in their own homes.